Panoz is an American manufacturer of high performance sports automobiles. The company has also been extensively involved in professional racing, and designs, engineers and builds its own race cars. Founded in 1988, an America manufacturer of limited production, high performance automobiles it is Panoz goal to become the best small-volume automobile manufacturer in the world and a springboard for new automotive technologies through innovation

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Panoz History

The company was founded in 1989 by Daniel Panoz, who had applied in 1988 for a job at the Thompson Motor Company (TMC), an Irish car builder. When the company was liquidated, Dan seized the opportunity and bought the rights to one of the chassis TMC was using, designed by world renowned designer Frank Costin, the man who also built chassis for Maserati, Lotus and Lister.

Just over two years after the birth of Panoz Auto Development, the first Panoz model debuted: the 1992 Panoz Roadster. Built in the company’s small factory north of Atlanta, Georgia, the car reignited the true spirit of the American roadster. By 1995 the Panoz AIV Roadster, the first American Aluminum Intensive production vehicle, went into full production.

In 1997 Dan’s father, Don, decided to enter racing to better promote his son’s products. The difference between Panoz and many other manufacturers was that it strived to keep its racing versions as close as possible to the road cars.

The next model Panoz model was the Esperante GTR-1, a street-legal version of the race car developed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Featuring a front/mid-mounted American V8, it quickly became a “fan favorite” at races worldwide.

While the Panoz family has Italian and Irish roots, Panoz Auto Development is as American as apple pie. Not a big volume manufacturer of sports cars, Panoz has remained true to its roots of treating is exclusive cars with great respect. It hand-crafts each car and rigorously tests every creation before it is handed over to the new owner. Panoz sports cars bear the ultimate mark of exclusivity.

1989 Panoz Auto Development Founded

We started Panoz Auto Development in 1989 with a love for the American sports car, a lot of ideals and a dream. We believed in the passion and purity that were once found in American cars. We believed in the maverick spirit that made them so unique and so original. And we believed that this passion and spirit had been missing in all cars for far too long.

1990 Roadster Introduced
From our small factory outside Atlanta, Georgia we went to work creating our dream. A car that would rekindle the flame. That would fill the void in everyone who longed for a true roadster made in America. Not by reviving the former glory of cars past, but by putting the same passion that produced those cars into a new and better sports car. One whose high performance and exotic looks didn’t come at the expense of being temperamental and difficult to maintain. By 1990 our dream was realized in the Panoz Roadster. As its name suggests, it was a roadster in the purest sense. A true sports car of brute strength and raw power built for the absolute pleasure of high-speed driving.

1996 A.I.V. Roadster Introduced

Our first cars were custom made to order for those few people who understood and appreciated our ideals. Soon more and more people began to understand. And by 1996, with our factory ready, the hand-built Panoz AIV Roadster went into full production. But even with its success we weren’t about to rest on our laurels.

1997 Panoz enters SportsCar
It was time to take the next step and perform on a much broader stage. Armed with new ideas and the design and manufacturing innovations we’d created for the AIV Roadster, we immediately began creating our second offering, the Panoz Esperante.
It too would have all the speed, power and agility of a pure sports car, but it would come in a more refined package. An exotic car that could be driven on a daily basis if desired. The Esperante would be our assault on the great sports cars of the world. And we would build it to not just compete, but to conquer them.

In designing the Esperante, we saw the opportunity to take on the automotive industry in yet another arena, auto racing. In 1996 we founded Panoz Motor Sports and began work on the Esperante-derived Panoz GTR-1 race car. We were determined to race on the track what we build for the street.

1997 would mark our first foray into auto racing when the Esperante derived Panoz GTR-1 became the first competitive front-engine car in decades to run the grueling 24 hours of Le Mans and took Europe by storm. In one season, we went from having no team and no car to finishing ahead of all but two of the major factory teams. It is a symbol of our dedication to succeed at what we believe in, on our own terms.

1998 Panoz Wins USRRC Team Championship Air Force 1 Classic Lowair force one lowDunk Shoes For Womennike air max 95nike sb dunkLeBron VIIchristian louboutin saleDunk SB Highcheap christian louboutintory burch salelebron james shoes. The 1998 season would see even more triumphs for the Panoz racing team with nine wins and four championships, including the US Road Racing Championship title. It would also provide Panoz Auto Development with even more valuable knowledge for use in our road cars.

1999 Panoz Dominates American LeMans Series

By 1999 our involvement in auto racing exploded. Panoz Motor Sports now owns and operates three of North America’s premiere racing venues, has founded the American Le Mans Series and established the Panoz Racing School. Each of these ventures continues to broaden our automotive horizons, but all are born out of our first passion. All contribute to strengthening and perfecting our original vision. To build the greatest sports cars the world has ever known.

2000 Esperante GTS Race Car Introduced

The Esperante GTS was developed and built by Panoz Auto Development specifically for use in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) club events nation wide. The Esperante GTS is built from the ground up as aa affordable driver’s class spec racer and meets all SCCA technical and safety requirements. It features a unique body comprised of fifteen ABS/acrylic panels, making it more durable, less expensive and easier to replace than fiberglass. Other features include an eight-point roll cage with triple tube side-protection and working doors.

2001 The Rebirth of the American Sports Car

Esperante means “hope” or “spirit”. A fitting name for a vehicle with the soul to challenge the belief of what a sports car should be. The Panoz Esperante, crafted by hand, represents a paradigm shift in American Automotive Development. A vehicle for enlightened enthusiasts – pure and simple.

All efforts paid off in 2006 when the Panoz Esperante GTLM scored two huge wins. Multimatic won its class at the 12 Hours of Sebring, and Team LNT scored the GT2 class victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In both cases, the Esperante GTLM beat every major sports car manufacturer, including Porsche and Ferrari.


The Panoz Swirling Crest was designed by Daniel Panoz himself and has become widely recognizable. The red, white and blue coloring reflects the fact that Panoz is an American company. The more prominent red and blue swirls are a tribute to the integration of balance and symmetry represented by the Yin-Yang symbol. “At the time Japan was treading on sacred ground, challenging the Europeans,” said Panoz. “I was impressed with the way they took on the establishment by being aggressive but smart.” he added. The centerpiece is a shamrock which carries the company’s and the family’s Irish roots.