David Brown Automotive Limited specialises in coach-built luxury automobiles. Inspired by classic design, modern engineering and production techniques to design, engineer and build bespoke, limited edition automobiles. All of our vehicles are hand-built in Coventry, Great Britain. An all-new, British luxury automotive brand launched in April 2014, promising to refresh the classic British sports car, for the 21st Century. British businessman and car enthusiast, David Brown, has created a brand in his own name – David Brown Automotive – to deliver his vision for a new take on the British sports car.

David Brown Automotive News

David Brown Automotive Limited
Silverstone Park, Silverstone. Towcester.
NN12 8FU. United Kingdom

+44 (0) 2477 220 510

David Brown Automotive was founded in March 2013, out of a love of both classic and modern cars. By taking the classic, timeless, elegant looks of previous decades and combining them with modern, state-of-the-art engineering, production methods, technology and performance, David Brown Automotive defines itself as a coachbuilder for the 21st century. Using predominantly British-sourced premium materials and traditional artisan craftsmanship, each of the company’s vehicles is uniquely produced by hand in Great Britain, appealing to a wide audience who value elegant styling, quality materials, handcraftsmanship and the passion used to create each individual vehicle.

David Brown

David Brown is a British businessman, born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, and named after his father, who started a company called DJB Engineering in 1972. David was its first employee. The company designed, engineered, built, marketed and sold, what was at the time, a revolutionary type of
off-highway articulated earth-moving vehicle.

The product quickly became an international success and the company rapidly expanded over the next few years. Acquisitions were made, including Bedford trucks from General Motors, and the company expanded over sites in the UK, including Dunstable, Luton, Peterlee and Stockton.

The group prided themselves in recognising, foreseeing and solving their customers’ problems. They directly employed 3,500 people, exported to every country in the world and between them won four Queen’s Awards, one for technology and three for export. Caterpillar became the company’s best customer and finally, in the mid 90’s the companies were sold to Caterpillar, who, to this day, continue to manufacture an evolutionary version of this once revolutionary product.

It was following this that David began creating lifestyle companies. David’s personal portfolio at this time included high-end restaurants, Harley-Davidson dealerships and a chain of clothes shops; one of which went to win the Department Store of the Year Award, joint with Selfridges. These businesses were sold around 11 years ago, enabling David to follow more of his passions – namely the high-end, low volume manufacturing of quality products, as well as classic and modern cars.