Bristol Cars was a British Manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars headquartered in Bristol, England. It was formed from the car division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company after the Second World War and later became independent as Bristol Cars Limited.

The company is attempting come back as a 21st century British Electric Vehicle company in time for the 80th year of its founding. Bristol Cars™ is the brand, trading style and registered trademark of Bristol Manufacturing Limited (08164632)

Defunct: 2020

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Bristol Cars unveils 70th Anniversary Bullet Speedster


Bristol Cars Limited was a manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars headquartered in Kensington, London, United Kingdom. Formerly the Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, Bristol Cars first car, the 400, was built by the Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1945 in collaboration with Frazer-Nash and BMW. Bristol Cars Limited was founded later in 1947.

In 2011 the original Bristol Cars Limited company and Bristol Cars Services Limited were bought out of administration and established as subsidiaries of newly-formed Bristol Automotive Group, headquartered in Surrey, England as part of the Kamkorp group of companies.

Frazer-Nash Research Limited, also part of the Kamkorp group of companies, develops proprietary, best-in-class, fully integrated, highly optimised and energy efficient electric and range-extended electric drivetrains and technologies, and is a technology provider for Bristol Cars.

The company operates the landmark Bristol Cars showroom in London’s Kensington High Street and the world’s leading approved Bristol Parts, Service and Restoration centre in Brentford, West London.  The company also has sales and service arrangements with a network of specialist centres around the world.

Bristol Cars
368-370 Kensington High Street,
London, W14 8NL