smart Automobile Co., Ltd.

In 2019, Daimler announced the establishment of a joint venture partnership with Chinese automaker Geely. The deal involves a new production plant to be built in China, which will start production on a new generation of Smart-branded vehicles. Until April 2019, Smart operated under the Mercedes-Benz Cars division of Daimler AG, offering the Fortwo coupé, Fortwo convertible and Forfour hatchback. These have now been discontinued. In 2023, smart offers the all-new EQ fortwo all-electric two-seater. Global Deliveries Near 70,000 Units, Business Expands to 22 Countries and Regions smart will in 2024

smart Europe GmbH

smart Europe GmbH was founded in June 2020 as a wholly owned subsidiary of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart. smart Europe’s international team is responsible for all sales, marketing and after-sales activities for the next generation of smart vehicles, products and services of the brand in the European market. With Dirk Adelmann as CEO and Martin Günther as CFO, the company is developing its full potential in Europe with a highly efficient and customer-oriented business model. smart Automobile Co., Ltd. was established as a global joint venture between Mercedes-Benz AG and Geely Automobile Co., Ltd. smart is positioning itself as a leading provider of intelligent electric vehicles in the premium segment.


Since the birth of the brand in the 90s, smart has always maintained the vision of exploring the best solutions for future urban mobility. smart Automobile was officially established in 2019 with a forward-looking “China-Europe, dual home” global development strategy, and is committed to becoming a world-leading, new-premium, intelligent and all-electric auto brand.

smart has completed a comprehensive renewal of its brand, product, and business model and has entered a new era of full-speed operations, accelerating the establishment of a global product development, sales and service management system. Engineering, research, and development for the new generation all-electric vehicle portfolio is led by the smart R&D team, with the Mercedes-Benz Global design team overseeing vehicle design. smart has now launched two all-electric SUV models, the smart #1 and smart #3, with deliveries underway across multiple markets in China and Europe and continued expansion into high-potential markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. From 2022 to 2025, smart will bring an all-new model to customers each year, further enriching the new generation all-electric product portfolio.

smart History

The smart fortwo is a brand of and is manufactured by Daimler AG. This technologically advanced vehicle achieves 41 mpg on the highway and is an ultra-low emissions vehicle, as certified by the State of California Air Resources Board. The vehicle is 8.8 feet long, 5.1 feet tall and 5.1 feet wide and comes equipped with many functional and safety features found in most luxury models. smart is currently sold in over 40 other countries, and more than one million fortwos have been sold since 1998. The 2009 smart fortwo is available in five trim levels ranging in price from $11k to $20k. smart is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.

The smartville plant in Hambach, Lorraine is one of the most state-of-the-art automobile factories. It is also a symbol of successful German-French cooperation. Inaugurated in 1997 by Helmut Kohl and Jacques Chirac, the first smart customer vehicle rolled off the production line in 1998. More than 1.5 million smart fortwos have been produced so far.

In the smartville plant the smart fortwo and smart fortwo electric drive are produced in parallel in the record time of 7.5 hours. This is made possible by an assembly line shaped like a “plus” sign which ensures highly efficient production processes. The required parts are delivered directly to the production line by suppliers located nearby. This also keeps warehouse stocks low. Incidentally, in June 2012 smartville was the first plant in Europe to start fully integrated series production of electric vehicles.


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