Flint Wagon Works purchased the Buick Motor Car Company in 1904. James H. Whiting was co-founder and chairman of Flint Wagon Works, manufacturer of wagons from the early 1880s and was one of the most successful horse-drawn vehicle makers.

Whiting became President of Buick while David Buick was General Manager. In 1904, Whiting persuaded William C. Durant to become General Manager and join the board of directors. In 1906, David Buick accepted a severance package and left the company that he had founded with one share of the company. Then president of Buick, Durant, bought this share from him for $100,000 to form General Motors two years later.

Whiting formed the Whiting Motor Company in 1910, as a division of the Flint Wagon Works for manufacturing the Whiting car, they were produced from 1910-1912.

The Whiting model A and Whiting Model C were displayed at the Detroit Auto Show in January 1910. The 1911 Whiting Roadster specifications included a 96 inch wheelbase, 20 horsepower four cylinder engine, selective sliding gear type transmission and was priced at $850.00. The Whiting Model C Touring Car with a Torpedo Body featured five passenger seating, 110 inch wheel base, two gas lamps, two side lamps, tail lamps, horn and a complete set of tools for $1.600.00. It was equipped with a four cylinder engine that developed 40 horsepower, sliding gear three speeds forward and reverse transmission.

With Durant’s success, the Flint Wagon Works directors invited Durant to invest in their own company on the condition that he participate in its management. Flint Wagon Works was in severe financial difficulties, Durant bought Flint Wagon Works from its shareholders along with all its assets and liabilities.

By 1911, Durant had organized General Motors to hold not only Buick but Cadillac, Oldsmobile, the Oakland Motor Car Company, predecessor to Pontiac Motors and other successful automobile businesses.

Little Motor Car Company

Durant used those assets of Flint Wagon Works that were still useful to manufacture Little cars. Little Motor Car Company was an automobile manufactured founded primarily by William H. Little (1876-1922) and William C. Durant. It was incorporated on October 19, 1911 and operated from 1911 to 1913. The Little first was available as a two-seater with a four-cylinder 20-hp engine, and had a wheelbase of 7 ft 7 in.

It was incorporated into the current Chevrolet Motor Company. The same week Durant’s other project, Chevrolet Motor Co of Detroit was incorporated. Buick Motor Company which would eventually become the cornerstone of the General Motors empire.