ARES Modena is on a mission to develop and apply advanced technologies to offer the highest level of individualisation and transformation in the luxury mobility segment. Facing fundamental changes in the automotive world with a strong and growing desire for individual solutions, flexibility and tailor-made personalisation ARES Design presents a wide range of products and services. Whether resurrecting iconic supercars, reimagining classic models from the past with bespoke conversions or offering modern day coachbuilding techniques to transform customer vehicles, ARES Design creates the finest bespoke luxury cars available today. Merging traditional Italian craftsmanship values with the advanced ones, ARES Design realizes the dreams and visions of enthusiasts creating one-off, unparalleled vehicles, impossible to obtain elsewhere. To this end, a shared creative experience that aims at providing a completely tailor-made product. This is the ultimate answer to the ongoing demand for customization and the desire to stand out from the crowd of our own time.

ARES Design Cars and News

ARES Design Cars and News

ARES Modena
Strada Sant’Anna 605,
Modena, Italy, 41122

+39 059 312765

ARES Design Project ‘Panther’

ARES is focused on three core pillars of activity.
Firstly, delivering unique automotive interiors and exteriors. These include the world’s only Coupe version of the Bentley Mulsanne; the matchless ARES X-Raid model based on the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG; and the ARES Modena GT3 for the Porsche Targa concept.
Secondly, transforming classic cars into turnkey, tech-loaded cars that still look like the decades-old original, but with none of the previous reliability issues of ownership. Like, for example, our 1964 Corvette Sting Ray, built on the chassis of a C7. It looks like its come straight off the set of a classic Steve McQueen movie, but it features a raucous 525hp V8 engine, keyless technology, LED halo beams, air conditioning, hi-fi stereo, Bluetooth connectivity and USB port – all sumptuously clothed in red leather and a big, black bonnet.
Thirdly, the resurrection of iconic automobiles; the current ARES halo product here is the modern-day iteration of one of the most popular Italian-American sportscars of all time – the 1970s Pantera – but with a brand new and sensuously svelte body sitting on a modern, Italian supercar.


ARES Design is a bespoke coachbuilding company in the high-end automotive industry. With its new factory opened in Modena, Italy, in 2018 the company is rolling out many exciting models in 2017 and 2018. Drawing both inspiration and talent from the region and the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.

ARES Design has the ambition, skills, technologies and techniques to produce some of the world’s most spectacular cars. ARES was founded by pioneers in the international trade of luxury vehicles and visionaries of proven, award-winning luxury car design.

The ARES factory is an 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq2) state-of-the-art car enthusiast’s dream where concepts become reality through skilled engineering and craftsmanship. With a vision to support the growing global demand for unique, classic and luxury cars and commissioned automotive projects, ARES is looking firmly into the future as the world’s largest and most innovative coachbuilder.

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