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Honda Chronology 1946-2007

Honda Chronology (1946-2007 )


  • Soichiro Honda establishes Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, where he develops and produces internal combustion engines and machine tools.


  • Soichiro Honda incorporates Honda Technical Research Institute and renames it Honda Motor Co., Ltd., capitalized at one million yen.


  • Honda introduces first original motorcycle – 2-stroke Dream D-type.


  • Honda’s first general purpose engine (Type H) is produced.


  • Honda declares intention to race in Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race in the U.K. (eventually participating for the first time in 1959).


  • Honda leads Japan in motorcycle production volume.


  • Honda launches Super Cub motorcycle in Japan, helping make Honda the sales leader.


  • Honda establishes American Honda Motor Co., Inc. The Super Cub, the Dream and the Benly motorcycles are the first products.


  • Research and Development division is re-established as a separate company – Honda R&D Co., Ltd.


  • Honda racing team wins Britain’s Isle of Man TT Race in 125cc and 250cc classes.


  • Honda issues ADRs (American Depository Receipts) in the U.S.
  • Motorcycle production begins in Taiwan through technical collaboration.


  • American Honda’s “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda” advertising campaign helps revolutionize the American motorcycle industry.
  • Honda’s first overseas plant Honda Benelux in Belgium starts production of “mopeds.”
  • Honda issues EDR (European Depository Receipts) in Europe.
  • Honda markets first automobile S500 and lightweight truck T360 in Japan.


  • Honda begins participating in Formula 1 Grand Prix racing.


  • Honda F-1 car wins first Grand Prix race in Mexican Grand Prix.


  • Honda F-2 car establishes a record of 11 consecutive victories.


  • Production of automobiles starts at Suzuka factory.
  • Honda begins motorcycle production in Thailand.


  • Honda sells one-millionth motorcycle in the U.S.
  • Honda withdraws from F-1 racing to concentrate on production of commercial cars and development of low-emission technologies.


  • Canadian Honda Motor Ltd. (now Honda Canada, Inc.) established in Toronto, Canada.
  • Honda begins automobile production in Taiwan and Malaysia through technical collaboration.


  • Honda exports N600 automobile to U.S.
  • Honda Engineering Co., Ltd. established in Japan – production engineering company.


  • Honda announces CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine technology.


  • Founder and President Soichiro Honda retires along with co-founder and Executive Vice President Takeo Fujisawa. Kiyoshi Kawashima becomes second president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


  • The Civic CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine is the first engine to comply with the 1975 Clean Air Act without a catalytic converter.
  • Gold Wing GL1000 is introduced in the U.S.
  • Honda is the first Japanese automaker to issue consolidated financial statements.


  • Honda R&D Co., Ltd. establishes a liaison office in Torrance, California (later becomes Honda R&D Americas).


  • Civic CVCC ranks first in the first-ever fuel economy ranking by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc. is established in Ohio.
  • Honda auto production exceeds 5 million units.


  • Honda of America Mfg. starts motorcycle production in Marysville, Ohio.
  • Honda introduces the 4-door Accord sedan.


  • Honda announces plans to construct a U.S. auto plant in Ohio.


  • Honda of America Mfg. begins auto production in Ohio with the Accord.
  • Car and Driver magazine names the Honda Accord to its list of the Ten Best Cars for the first time.


  • Tadashi Kume becomes third president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Honda re-enters Formula 1 Grand Prix racing.
  • Honda Motor Co., Inc. and the Rover Group sign agreement for joint design and development of a luxury passenger car.
  • The Honda Civic/Ballade series receives the 1983-84 Japan Car of the Year Award.


  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg., Inc., in Swepsonville, N.C., starts production of lawn mowers.
  • American Honda Motor Co. establishes American Honda Foundation for philanthropic contributions.
  • Honda Research of America Inc. (now Honda R&D Americas) established in Torrance, California.


  • Honda de Mexico established.
  • Honda of America Mfg. begins production of motorcycle engines in Ohio.
  • The Honda Accord/Vigor series receive the 1985-86 Japan Car of the Year Award.


  • Honda produces first auto engine at Anna, Ohio, engine plant (1.5-liter Civic).
  • Honda-powered Formula 1 cars win the Constructor’s Championship for the first time (through 1991 for six consecutive years).
  • J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index rates Acura number one for the first time (through 1989 for four consecutive years).
  • Honda of America Mfg. begins production on second assembly line at Marysville Auto Plant.
  • Honda of Canada Mfg. begins production in Alliston, Ontario (with Accord).
  • Acura sales network launched in the U.S. with sales of Legend and Integra.


  • Honda reaches 50 million mark in total motorcycle production in Japan – the first manufacturer in the world to do so.
  • Honda announces a five-part strategy to become an autonomous motor vehicle company in the U.S., including expansion of R&D and production engineering; a second U.S. auto plant; increased local parts sourcing; expansion of the engine plant; and increase of auto exports from the U.S.
  • Air bags introduced in the Acura Legend – for the first time in a Honda product.
  • American Honda exports first Accord Sedan to Taiwan.
  • Honda de Mexico begins producing motorcycles and auto parts.


  • Honda-powered Formula 1 cars win the Constructor’s Championship, winning 15 of the 16 races.
  • Honda Engineering North America Inc. incorporated.
  • Honda announces development of high performance VTEC auto engine with variable valve timing.
  • Honda reaches the 15 million mark in total car production in Japan.
  • Honda products rank 1-2-3 in the 1988 Motor Trend Import Car of the Year.
  • Honda begins first export of U.S.-built Accord Coupe automobiles to Japan.


  • Honda Accord becomes the top-selling auto in the U.S. for the first time (through 1991 for three consecutive years).
  • Honda of America Mfg. begins production at second U.S. auto plant in East Liberty, Ohio.
  • Soichiro Honda inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in U.S.
  • Honda of U.K. Mfg. begins producing engines in its Swindon, U.K., plant.
  • Honda Motor Europe Ltd. is established in U.K. to serve as Honda’s European headquarters.
  • Honda of America Mfg. produces its one-millionth car, a Civic 4-door sedan.


  • Soichiro Honda is awarded a FIA Gold Medal in Paris, France.
  • American Honda becomes first automaker with plans to offer standard driver and passenger airbags in all (Honda and Acura) models by the 1994 model year.
  • Acura begins sales of NSX sports car, the world’s first mass-produced aluminum-body automobile.
  • American Honda moves Power Equipment Division from California to Atlanta, Georgia, area.
  • Honda R&D America opens new California Proving Center in Mojave Desert.
  • Nobuhiko Kawamoto becomes fourth president and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Honda Engineering Europe, Ltd. is established in the U.K. to coordinate Honda engineering activities in Europe.
  • Honda of America Mfg. begins production of its first right-hand drive vehicles – Accord Coupes – for export to Japan.


  • Honda’s solar car Dream wins the World Solar Challenge 1993 in Australia.
  • Honda R&D North America Inc. (HRA) unveils a $25 million expansion of its research and development facilities in Ohio.
  • Honda R&D North America, Inc. opens new research and development center for power equipment products in Swepsonville, N.C.
  • Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. in Alliston, Ontario, produces the 500,000th automobile in its history, a Civic Hatchback.
  • Honda signs a basic agreement with Isuzu regarding joint-product utilization.
  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc. produces its two-millionth engine at Anna Engine Plant in Ohio.
  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc. produces its three-millionth car since beginning U.S. operations in 1982.
  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announces its plan for participation in IndyCar World Series.


  • American Honda exports its 100,000th U.S.-made vehicle for the year, making the Honda Accord the No. 1 export model from North America in 1994.
  • Honda introduces the 1995 Odyssey, its first minivan.
  • Acura sells its one-millionth vehicle in the U.S.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. establishes 4-region global organization structure that gives greater autonomy and decision-making responsibility for four major regional operations: Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia/Oceania and Japan. Relatedly, Honda announces new “Automobile Strategy for the Americas.”
  • Honda competes in the IndyCar World Series (later CART) for the first time.
  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg., Inc. produces its one-millionth lawn mower.
  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc. surpasses 10 million Honda/Acura automobile sales in the U.S.


  • Automobile Magazine names the Honda Civic the 1996 Automobile of the Year.
  • The Honda Civic receives the 1995-96 Japan Car of the Year Award.
  • Honda de Mexico begins production of automobiles for the Mexican market.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency releases 1996 fuel economy rankings with four Honda models in the Top 10.
  • Honda Civic meeting Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard goes on sales in California.
  • Honda reaches the 30 million mark for cumulative global auto production.
  • Honda produces its five-millionth car in North America.
  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc. sells its 10 millionth Honda Division car.
  • Honda introduces Multi Matic continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. produces the 10 millionth Honda Civic.
  • Honda becomes the first manufacturer to develop a production-based gasoline engine certified as meeting Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) exhaust levels.


  • Honda introduces first prototype humanoid robot, called P3.
  • Honda Motor Co.’s Honda Dream solar car breaks speed and time records at the World Solar Challenge in Australia.
  • Honda captures all three major awards on the 1996 PPG IndyCar World Series racing circuit – top manufacturer, top rookie and top driver.
  • Honda’s Marysville, Ohio, Motorcycle Plant produces its 1 millionth vehicle – a Gold Wing Aspencade.
  • Honda announces an accelerated “Strategy for the Americas” with a 50% expansion in U.S. automobile engine and automatic transmission production.
  • New Honda plant in Thailand begins production with City sedan designed exclusively for local Asian markets.
  • Honda introduces Intelligent Community Vehicle System (ICVS) in Japan in which consumers share limited number of vehicles in conjunction with mass transit.
  • The Acura Division introduces the CL series, the first U.S.-designed, engineered and manufactured model offered by a luxury import nameplate.


  • Auto production begins in Brazil and Turkey.
  • Motorcycle production begins in Vietnam.
  • Cumulative global motorcycle production reaches 100 million units.
  • Cumulative global power equipment production reaches 30 million units.
  • Ultra-small 360-degree inclinable 4-stroke power equipment engine announced.
  • Honda announces research project including two new turbofan jet engine prototypes for small aircraft and an experimental jet plane.
  • Twin Ring Motegi motorsports complex begins operations.
  • All-new 1998 Accord introduced with unique designs for the U.S., Japan, and Europe but using the same flexible platform.
  • Civic and Accord Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) sales begin in all 50 states.
  • Accord Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) sales begin in California.
  • Honda’s EV PLUS electric vehicle goes on sale in California.
  • J.D. Power and Associates awards its Platinum Prize for quality to the Marysville, Ohio, Auto Plant and Gold Prize for quality to the Sayama Plant in Japan.


  • American Honda passes the 1 million mark in annual sales of Honda and Acura cars and light trucks for the first time in company history.
  • The Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle goes into production in Ohio – it has been called by the U.S. EPA the cleanest internal combustion engine ever tested.
  • Honda of South Carolina Mfg. begins production of ATVs at new $30 million plant in Timmonsville, S.C.
  • Civic 5-door developed by Honda R&D Europe and built in the U.K. is introduced.
  • Auto production begins in India.
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino becomes fifth president and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. celebrates 50th anniversary.
  • American Honda exports the 500,000th North American-built car.
  • Honda Interceptor named “Motorcycle of the Year” by Motorcyclist magazine.
  • New second line at Honda of Canada Mfg. begins production of Honda’s first full-size 1999 Odyssey minivan – which goes on sale in the U.S. and Canada.


  • Honda Insight becomes first gas-electric hybrid car sold in the U.S.
  • Honda announces global powertrain production system calling for the integration of engine assembly operations closer to vehicle assembly.
  • Honda and GM establish powertrain cross-supply agreement in which GM will use a Honda V-6 Ultra Low Emission engine and transmission and Isuzu will supply Honda with diesel engines for the European market.
  • Honda announces innovation of auto plants in Japan to the flexible “New Manufacturing System” that will be installed in all of Honda’s major global auto plants by fall 2002.
  • Honda announces new company-wide year 2005 targets for fuel-consumption and exhaust gas emissions for Honda motorcycles, automobiles and power products.
  • Honda fuel cell prototype vehicles FCX-V1 and FCX-V2 are introduced.
  • American Honda passes the $10 billion mark in exports of automobiles, motorcycles, power products and key components from North America.
  • Honda begins Intelligent Community Vehicle System (ICVS) called “Intellishare” at the University of California-Riverside using Honda’s EV PLUS electric vehicles.
  • Honda announces next generation of 4-cylinder i-VTEC engines that offer new level of high fuel economy, low emissions and outstanding performance.
  • Honda begins auto production in China with Accord sedan.


  • American Honda launches its first mid-size SUV, the U.S.-designed, developed and engineered Acura MDX – produced in Canada.
  • Honda introduces new humanoid robot, ASIMO.
  • Civic Coupe achieves 5-star ratings for both frontal and side impact tests by NHTSA and a “good” rating for offset barrier crash tests by IIHS.
  • Civic line up earns the 2000-01 Japan Car of the Year Award.
  • Honda earns 500th World Grand Prix motorcycle race.
  • Honda earns 6th consecutive driver’s championship on CART auto racing series.
  • Honda begins testing FCX-V3 fuel cell vehicle through California Fuel Cell Partnership.
  • Accord reaches 5 million cumulative production total in U.S.
  • Two-millionth Civic produced in Ohio.
  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg. $16 million expansion triples general purpose engine capacity from 300,000 units to 1 million units.
  • Honda Accord becomes first Super Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) on the market on sale in California, four years ahead of the state’s requirements.
  • Honda introduces “Polar II” pedestrian crash test dummy with injury data measurement capability.
  • Honda establishes 5th region in South America as part of global structure that includes regional operations in North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia/Oceania and Japan.
  • Honda opens world’s first indoor car-to-car omni-directional crash safety test facility in Tochigi, Japan.
  • Honda begins third era of Formula One Grand Prix auto racing participation.


  • December
  • Honda introduces first mass market gas-electric hybrid car with the introduction of the Civic Hybrid.
  • Honda Accord recaptures the best selling car title in the U.S. in 2001.
  • November
  • Honda Manufacturing of Alabama begins production with Odyssey minivan.
  • Fit earns the 2001-2002 Japan Car of the Year Award.
  • New joint venture company in China, Sundiro Honda Motorcycle, starts production of jointly developed M-LIVING motorcycle.
  • North American auto production reaches 10 million-unit milestone.
  • September
  • Gold Wing GL1800 named “motorcycle of the year” by Motorcyclist magazine, powerful touring bike also meets California’s strict 2008 emission standard.
  • American Honda Motor Co. announces that all 2002 Honda and Acura cars and light trucks to meet Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) requirements or better.
  • July
  • Honda production operations in Thailand produce 10 millionth product – including automobiles, motorcycles and power products.
  • Honda’s second U.K. auto plant begins production.
  • Honda R&D Americas opens first hydrogen production and fueling station in Southern California, part of Honda’s support of fuel cell vehicle development.
  • May
  • Honda announces development of a new-generation 2-liter class diesel engine for European market.
  • February
  • Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle becomes first car certified as Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (P-ZEV).
  • January
  • Acura MDX named North American Truck of the Year.
  • Honda begins global effort to innovate all motorcycle and power products factories to flexible “New Manufacturing System,” similar to innovation at its major auto plants.


  • December
  • Honda Fit series finishes 2002 as best-selling car in Japan, a first for Honda. Fit also goes on sale in Europe as “Jazz” model.
  • Honda’s China auto plant announces plan to increase production capacity to 240,000 units in 2004, with a corresponding increase in engine production.
  • Honda of South Carolina Mfg. in Timmonsville, SC begins production of personal watercraft.
  • Honda’s FCX fuel cell vehicle delivered to first customers in Japan and U.S. simultaneously.
  • November
  • Japan version of all-new Accord earns the 2002-03 Japan Car of the Year Award – 3rd straight year a Honda model earned the award.
  • Honda auto production in the U.S. reaches the 20-year milestone.
  • October
  • Honda models earn four of the top five places in the U.S. Department of Energy’s list of the most fuel efficient cars in America – Insight is number one.
  • September
  • 2003 Honda Accord introduced with top class safety performance.
  • August
  • Honda introduces a new rapid- and wide-deploying side curtain air bag technology that protects both front and rear passengers – the all-new 2003 Accord is the first model to receive the new technology.
  • July
  • Honda announces “Global Networking” strategy to make efficient use of global production resources including expansion of auto production capacity in North America to 1.4 million units in late 2004.
  • Honda FCX becomes first fuel cell vehicle in the world to earn certification from U.S. EPA and the state of California (CARB).
  • Honda launches new Today scooter made in China to Japanese market.
  • April
  • Honda begins exports of the CR-V from its U.K. plant to the U.S.
  • March
  • Honda begins Intelligent Community Vehicle System (ICVS), a new community transportation system in the Republic of Singapore.
  • February
  • Honda introduces AquaTrax, company’s first personal watercraft.
  • Honda celebrates 25th anniversary of listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as ASIMO humanoid robot rings opening bell for trading.
  • January
  • Honda launches new high performance BF175 outboard motor achieving low emissions exceeding year 2008 requirements in California (CARB).
  • Honda begins rental of ASIMO humanoid robots in Japan.
  • U.K. auto plant begins export of Civic Si to North America.
  • Civic Diesel debuts in Europe – utilizing Isuzu-made 1.7-liter diesel engine.
  • Honda establishes motorcycle R&D center in China.


  • December
  • The HondaJet, new experimental compact business jet equipped with Honda-developed HF118 jet engines, completes initial flight tests in North Carolina.
  • Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc. produces 1 millionth all-terrain vehicle.
  • November
  • Honda’s auto production in the U.S. reaches 10 million cars and light trucks.
  • October
  • American Honda Motor announces plans to apply advanced safety technologies such as the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body frame, side curtain airbags to the full range of Honda and Acura products over the next several years as a part of its ‘Safety for Everyone’ commitment.
  • Honda R&D Americas debuts an all-new Automotive Safety Research Facility that features advanced crash safety testing laboratories.
  • Honda announces the development of the Honda FC Stack, next-generation fuel cell stack that delivers high performance, yet operates at temperatures as low as -20C (-4F).
  • Honda develops world’s first electronically controlled fuel injection system for a 4-stroke 50cc scooter.
  • September
  • American Honda achieves 20 million cumulative automobile sales in America, as well as 50 million for the total number of Honda products (auto, motorcycle and power equipment) delivered to American customers since the start of operations in September 1959.
  • Honda introduces new Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body frame structure that both enhances self-protection and reduces aggressivity in vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.
  • August
  • Honda’s cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reaches 50 million units.
  • July
  • Honda becomes the world’s first automaker to supply a fuel cell vehicle to a private corporation, Iwatani International Corporation.
  • June
  • Honda debuts a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) V6 3.0-liter i-VTEC engine, which employs only three cylinders during cruising and at low engine loads.
  • Civic Hybrid becomes the first- ever hybrid vehicle to earn certification as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero- Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) from California’s Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • Takeo Fukui becomes Honda’s 6th President and CEO.
  • May
  • Honda develops the world’s first Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMS), which predicts rear-end collisions and assists brake operation to reduce impact on occupants and vehicle damage.
  • April
  • Honda establishes 6th region in China as part of global structure that also includes regional operations in North America, South America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia/Oceania and Japan.
  • March
  • Honda joins Indy Racing League open wheel racing series for 2003 season.
  • Worldwide cumulative production of Civic series reaches 15 million units.
  • Honda announces joint market feasibility study with Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc. for a next-generation piston aviation engine developed by Honda.
  • January
  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg. in Swepsonville, NC announces $30 million expansion to increase general purpose engine production to 1.5 million units.
  • Cumulative production of auto engines in Ohio reaches the10 million mark.


  • December
  • Honda reveals technologies for next-generation ASIMO humanoid robot, including the ability to run and process information more quickly in real-world environments.
  • Honda introduces a V6 Accord Hybrid in the U.S. Honda’s 3rd Hybrid model.
  • American Honda sales of Honda and Acura cars and light trucks achieves record of more than 1.39 million units 8th straight year of record auto sales, including more than 1 million low emission vehicles.
  • November
  • All new Legend wins the Japan Car of the Year Award for 2004-2005 and Most Advanced Technology Award.
  • Honda announces plans to build a $100 million plant in Tallapoosa, GA., to produce automatic transmissions as part of a broader North American Powertrain Strategy that will include production of high precision gears at Honda’s existing transmission plant in Ohio.
  • Honda leases two 2005 FCX fuel cell vehicles, featuring the ability to operate in sub-freezing temperatures, to the state of New York, the first customer for a fuel cell vehicle in the Northeastern U.S.
  • October
  • All-new Acura RL (=Legend in Japan) is introduced featuring the world’s first Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.
  • GE Honda Aero Engines LLC is established to pursue the launch of Honda’s HF118 turbofan engine in the light business jet market.
  • Honda’s compact household cogeneration unit is awarded 2004 Prize for Natural Gas Industry Innovation (Planning, Research and Development Section) by Germany’s Association for the Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Use of Energy (ASUE)
  • September
  • Honda of America Mfg. celebrates its 25th anniversary for local production in America.
  • The all-new 2005 Honda Odyssey debuts in North America with a best-in-class level of standard features and advanced, innovative safety equipment.
  • Guangzhou Honda begins production of the Fit for the China domestic market.
  • August
  • Honda claims its first Indy Racing League (IRL) manufacturers’ title (Honda powered drivers would eventually win 14 of 16 races for the season).
  • Honda develops a scooter powered by its original Honda FC Stack, capable of starting in sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Honda showcases two future pedestrian safety technologies the Intelligent Night Vision System and a pop-up hood system.
  • July
  • Honda establishes a new U.S. subsidiary, Honda Aero, Inc., to focus on the aviation engine business in the U.S. Also, Honda establishes the Wako Nishi R&D Center in Japan, dedicated to the research and development of aviation engines.
  • The 2005 Honda FCX powered by Honda’s original fuel cell stack (capable of starting in sub-zero temperatures) is certified for commercial use by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.
  • May
  • Honda Korea Co., Ltd., begins the import and sales of automobiles in South Korea with the Accord Sedan.
  • Buddy Rice earns Honda’s first victory in the Indianapolis 500.
  • April
  • Honda Manufacturing of Alabama began production on its second assembly line – doubling light truck and engine production capacity to 300,000 units per year.
  • Honda establishes a new subsidiary, Honda Motor RUS LLC, in Russia to strengthen its local motorcycle, automobile and power product sales operations.
  • Dongfeng Honda Automobile (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. begins local production of the CR-V sport utility vehicle in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China.
  • March
  • Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces 10 millionth motorcycle.
  • February
  • Honda and General Electric Co. announce the formation of a strategic alliance to produce a new turbofan jet engine for light business jets.
  • January
  • Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., responsible for developing Honda’s overall business strategy in China, is established.
  • Honda SUT Concept, a next-generation truck concept (which set the direction for 2005 Honda Ridgeline), debuts at North American International Auto Show.


  • December
  • American Honda posts 9th consecutive year of record sales, including more than two-hundred thousand Acura vehicles.
  • Honda Ridgeline truck named 2006 Motor Trend Truck of the Year.
  • 2006 Civic becomes first compact car to earn “Top Safety Pick-Gold” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announces plans to introduce the Acura brand in Japan in fall 2008 and to integrate its three existing domestic sales channels – Primo, Verno and Clio – into one Honda channel in March 2006.
  • New ASIMO robot debuts with dramatically improved running capability and enhanced ability to act in sync with people.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announces plans to begin mass production in 2007 of Honda-developed thin film solar cell.
  • Honda Super Cub production reached 50-million unit milestone since its 1958 debut.
  • November
  • Honda Civic named 2006 Motor Trend Car of the Year.
  • Honda R&D Americas, Inc. introduces Home Energy Station III, the third-generation of its experimental hydrogen refueling device developed in partnership with Plug Power, Inc.
  • Honda announces plans to establish R&D operations in Thailand with the creation of Honda R&D Asia Pacific, Ltd., a subsidiary of Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
  • October
  • Honda announces plans to establish transmission manufacturing operations in China with the creation of Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company’s fourth major automatic transmission plant in the world.
  • September
  • Honda announces plan to introduce world’s first airbag technology for a motorcycle on the 2006 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.
  • Honda introduced ASV-3 advanced safety vehicle equipped with Inter-Vehicle communications technology.
  • August
  • HondaJet makes its worldwide public debut, July 29, at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Air Venture in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin.
  • Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (HMCI) announces plans to launch the Acura brand in China with the introduction of the Acura RL in spring 2006, to be marketed through a dedicated Acura dealer network.
  • Honda wins its second consecutive Indy Racing League IndyCar Series Manufacturers’ Championship in three seasons of competition.
  • July
  • Honda leases 2005 FCX to world’s first individual customer for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, the Spallino family of Redondo Beach, California, making the Spallino’s the world’s first “fuel cell family.”
  • Honda announces commitment to include U.S. government crash test “star ratings” on the window labels of all 2006 Honda and Acura vehicles, a first for any automaker.
  • June
  • Honda Automobile (China) Co., Ltd. (CHAC) begins export of the Jazz compact passenger car to Europe. CHAC is the first auto plant in China dedicated to export production.
  • May
  • The 2006 Honda Ridgeline becomes the first 4-door pickup to earn the NHTSA’s highest crash test rating for frontal and side impacts.
  • Cumulative worldwide sales of Honda hybrid vehicles reaches 100,000 units.
  • April
  • Honda introduces Phill™ natural gas home refueling appliance in conjunction with Fuelmaker Corp. to help promote sales of cleaner-burning CNG vehicles like the Honda Civic GX.
  • March
  • Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC produces the 500,000th vehicle and engine since beginning production in November 2000.
  • Guangzhou Honda produces the 500,000th vehicle in its history since production began in China in 1999.
  • Honda announces plans to build a new auto plant in Vietnam with an annual capacity of 10,000 units, with production targeted to begin by mid-2006.
  • February
  • Honda’s motorcycle production in the Philippines reaches one million milestone.
  • January
  • The 2005 Honda Ridgeline truck and the Acura RD-X Concept SUV debut at the North American International Auto Show.
  • Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (HMCI) establishes a branch office in Shanghai to strengthening motorcycle business in China.
  • American Honda and Disneyland® Resort form 10-year strategic business alliance.


  • December
  • Honda R&D Americas opens new Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena, California.
  • Honda Soltec Co., Ltd., established to oversee production and sales of Honda-developed CIGS solar panels in Japan.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd., announces plans to build new engine plant in Japan (in Ogawa, Saitama prefecture).
  • November
  • 2007 Honda Pilot and CR-V earn IIHS “Top Safety Pick” rating.
  • Honda Manufacturing Alabama celebrates 5th anniversary and reaches one-million unit automobile production milestone.
  • Honda announces plans to begin production of motorcycles in Peru.
  • October
  • Honda Aircraft Company begins sales of HondaJet at NBAA.
  • Retail sales of natural gas-powered Civic GX expanded from California to New York state.
  • August
  • Honda Canada Mfg. celebrates 20th anniversary and 4-millionth unit production milestones.
  • Honda and Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth announce breakthrough “Honda-RITE” ethanol production process.
  • American Honda fulfills October 2003 “Safety for Everyone” commitment to apply a core suite of advanced safety features to all U.S. Honda and Acura models.
  • July
  • Honda announces plans to commercialize HondaJet at EAA AirVenture.
  • Honda earns 100th open-wheel race victory in North America.
  • First U.S.-made Acura TL sedans exported to China.
  • Honda begins motorcycle production in Argentina.
  • June
  • Subcompact Fit earns five-star U.S. government crash test rating.
  • Honda announces development of plant-based bio-fabric for use in automotive interiors.
  • May
  • Honda Power Products reaches global 70-million unit milestone.
  • Honda announces plans for new Indiana auto plant and Canada engine plant.
  • Honda sets voluntary global targets for 5% reductions in product and production CO2 emissions – from 2005 levels by 2010.
  • Honda announces plans to advance toward its “2010 Vision” for North American automobile operations, in conjunction with a wider global strategy announced in Japan by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Honda’s North American plan includes the following new corporate initiatives:
    • Construction of a new auto plant in the U.S. with an investment of approximately $400 million to begin production in 2008, with employment of more than 1,500 associates at full capacity.
    • Construction of a new engine plant in Canada to begin production of four-cylinder engines in 2008 with an investment of $140 million and employment of 340 associates.
    • Expansion of U.S. engine, transmission and powertrain component production in Ohio and Georgia, with additional investment of $125 million and additional employment of 80 associates.
    • Introduction in the U.S. and Canada in 2009 of a new, more affordable, dedicated hybrid car.
    • Introduction in the U.S. and Canada within the next three years of new diesel engine technology that meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards.
    • Establishment of a goal to increase American Honda’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) by five percent over 2005 levels by the year 2010.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announces plan to build a new auto plant in Yorii, Japan, near Honda’s existing Saitama factory. The new plant will begin operation in 2010 with annual capacity of 200,000 vehicles and engines.
  • Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC begins producing automatic transmissions as part of Honda’s broader North American Powertrain Strategy.
  • April
  • Acura announces plans to enter American LeMans series in 2007.
  • Honda R&D breaks ground for $15 million Acura Design Center.
  • March
  • The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) named the natural gas-powered Civic GX and Insight hybrid as the “greenest vehicles” for 2006.
  • February
  • 2006 Civic and Ridgeline capture Canadian Car and Truck of the Year Awards from Automotive Journalist Association of Canada (AJAC).
  • Honda Power Equipment shipped its 20-millionth power product to U.S. dealers.
  • January
  • Honda Civic and Ridgeline sweep North American Car and Truck of the Year awards.
  • Honda unveils R106A Formula One racing chassis and RA806E engine in Barcelona, Spain, marking Honda’s first F1 “works” team effort since 1968.


  • March
  • Honda Manufacturing of Indiana holds official groundbreaking ceremony and announces plans to build Civic Sedans at new Indiana auto plant.
  • World’s youngest fuel cell customer, 17-year-old actress Q’orianka Kilcher, takes delivery of Honda FCX in Los Angeles.
  • Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (CHAM), begins production of automobile transmissions in China at its newly built plant in Foshan City.
  • Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept debuts in Geneva.
  • February
  • Honda Aircraft Company announces plans for new world headquarters and HondaJet production facilities in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Acura RDX named Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year.
  • January
  • American Honda posts 10th consecutive record annual sales result in 2006.


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